Hirdeal LLC

City Stillwater
State MN
Country United States

Hirdeal LLC provides veterinary services for pets (primarily end-of-life services), organic agricultural products (free-ranch, organic chicken eggs, organically raised vegetables & fruits).  We hope to expand to renewable energy services in the near future.


Environmental Commitment

At our place of business we have installed a 5.88 KW solar PV system, a geothermal heating/cooling system, utilize an EV car (Chevy Volt), and use bicycle transportation whenever possible (~4000 miles/year).  We’ve now chosen carbon offsets for activities which are difficult to change immediately.

“We chose to partner with CarbonFund to offset practices that are currently impractical to make carbon-free.  This is our part to reversing practices that our generation engaged in for many years but threatens the future for our children and grandchildren.” – Robert B. Secor, Manager, Hirdeal LLC