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While renewable energy projects reduce the need to produce more energy from dirty sources in the future, energy efficiency projects reduce the need to produce more energy now. They are also among the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions, making investment in energy efficiency a key part of fighting climate change.
Energy efficiency can refer to any project that applies new technologies, processes or practices to achieve the same outcome while using less energy. Opportunities like this can be found in all sectors of the economy: industrial, transportation and residential.

Energy efficiency can also refer to the retirement of carbon credits from a cap-and-trade system. In this case, purchases and retires carbon credits on behalf of our donors, permanently removing the right of other businesses to pollute. Our carbon offset projects meet the toughest industry standards and are third-party verified to ensure the highest quality.
We support a variety of different projects and below is a sample of projects we are currently supporting and have supported in the past.
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