Carbon Footprint Calculator Measures Your Environmental Impact

January 10, 2022
A Carbon Footprint Calculator Can Measure Your Environmental Impact

Measuring your carbon footprint can be easy using an Individual Carbon Footprint Calculator. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average American’s total carbon footprint is an astounding 50,000 pounds each year. Your household emissions total might be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors involving your specific lifestyle.

A free calculator will measure things like your electricity & gasoline consumption, your home heating usage, travel mileage and consumer shipping totals. This will produce a dollar amount which you can then use to support carbon offsetting projects to neutralize your emissions and mitigate your impact on the planet.

Carbonfund provides several options to reduce your personal carbon footprint through individual carbon offsets. makes it easy to offset the carbon emissions generated through your lifestyle, vehicle, home, air travel and, special events.

Carbonfund offers renewable energy, forestry and energy efficiency projects to support in order to help replace fossil fuel usage with more sustainable methods to mitigate carbon emissions. All of the carbon offset projects supported by Carbonfund are third-party validated and verified to meet the highest international standards.

A Business Carbon Emissions Calculator can also be used to determine the carbon footprint of a company. Many factors are considered to calculate the CO2 impact of a business including office electricity usage, product shipping and employee travel. Both small companies as well as large businesses are encouraged to evaluate their carbon emissions in order to offset their climate impact.

Using either an Individual Carbon Footprint Calculator or a Business Carbon Emissions Calculator is an excellent way to understand how little changes in your lifestyle or company operations can add up to make a big difference toward your environmental impact. Something as simple as turning off lights to reduce your electricity consumption or taking direct flights to decrease total airline mileage will lower you carbon footprint in a noticeable way. If everyone does their part we can build a better future for everyone.