The Promotions Dept. Joins Carbonfree Small Business Partnership with Pledge to Plant 5000 Trees

May 04, 2021

The Promotions Dept. is a full-service branded merchandise agency offering products and services to support client marketing initiatives in sports, corporate, and retail markets. Their firm specializes in merchandising, e-commerce, warehousing, and delivery solutions.

The Promotions Dept. understands their responsibility to make a positive impact on the world; their values are deeply embedded in their company’s culture and they are mindful to align each decision they make with the well-being of our communities and planet. They have implemented the following processes to ensure that their operations reflect that:

  • Solar-powered headquarters in Torrance, California
  • Joined the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership to offset carbon emissions from the headquarters, all work-from-home offices, and staff travel and commuting
  • Set a goal to plant 5000 trees through Carbonfund’s Plant a Tree program
  • Replaced single use shipping materials from headquarters with recycled and biodegradable Poly Ocean mailing envelopes for outbound shipments
  • Created a preferred list of vendors and shifting business to organizations who are also implementing sustainable programs

“The branded merchandise “promo” industry is a global one and has a history of being viewed as a contributor to single use, non-sustainable merchandise. Our company realizes this, and want to be a part of a change that we hope will resonate with others in our industry,” says Linda Tulchin, President and Founder.  “We are committed to educating our clients on the importance of purchasing sustainable products that we offer, and will participate in the Plant a Tree program. The Plant a Tree program was a vital element in our decision to partner with Our goal is to plant 5000 trees!”