Teen Eco-Adventure Company is a Childhood Dream Come True

September 11, 2011

Tara Short, Founder of Green Edventures takes teens on eco-adventures she once only dreamed about as a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.  Tara spent her teen years snorkeling in her grandparents’ pool, imagining an oceanic world filled with dolphins and colorful fish. Today she has channeled that enthusiasm into the founding of her own teen eco-adventure company, Green Edventures. With Tara, teens go to Alaska and Mexico to experience conservation and climate change first-hand.  She explains her passion by saying, “Through Green Edventures, I get to take teenagers to the places I only dreamed about as a child. I hope these experiences will connect them to wild places and motivate them to be active environmental citizens.” “Free diving is an amazing experience,” says Joe Buckley, a student from Des Moines, IA. “The feeling of being twenty-five feet beneath the surface of the Sea of Cortez is something you cannot get anywhere else. You see fish you can only imagine exist. You get to learn the personalities of different fish and interact with all kinds of sea invertebrates. We got to hug a very friendly wild sea lion and play with her for a couple hours. We spent pretty much everyday on the water all day. These are some memories that will stay with me forever.” True to her environmental commitment, Tara plans each trip to be carbon-neutral and includes a conservation project in partnership with the local communities visited. Through these trips, science concepts come to life. “Watching teachers on our trips bridge classroom concepts with real-world experience is inspiring. They can now directly connect scientific facts and figures to conservation projects and salty sea air,” Tara said. “Teens are the future decision-makers and voters. How can they protect an ocean and a rainforest if they have never seen it?” Tara asked herself in the early days of forming her company. Now as the Founder and Director of Green Edventures, Tara has come a long way since her days of exploring the Chicago suburbs. She has seen first-hand the impacts people are having on ecosystems throughout North and Central America. She pledges to make each eco-adventure an opportunity for students and teachers to develop a sense of place and learn tangible ways they can make a difference. “Nature has so much to teach us,” says Victoria Horstman, a student from Des Moines, IA about her Green Edventures’ program in Baja, Mexico. “We just have to tap into what it has to offer.” About Green Edventures: Green Edventures provides action-packed, carbon neutral, eco-adventures in extraordinary locations for teens, teacher-led student groups, and adults. We teach environmental stewardship and global awareness and help protect people, places, and ecosystems through responsible tourism. Teachers travel and participate free. Contact Green Edventures online at,, or @greenedventures on Twitter