PureLife Dental – Supplies for a Cleaner Tomorrow

May 06, 2011

The dental industry has a big impact on the environment, from disposable infection control products to mercury amalgam waste. PureLife offers products and services that help the industry reduce it’s eco-impact and they are continuously striving to provide eco-solutions that actually work. Their eco-friendly products are cost-competitive with traditional versions, and waste services are often provided at cost to encourage regulatory compliance, as part of a company commitment to the environment.  Finding eco-friendly products that perform as well – or better – than traditional versions is a top priority. Reducing packaging, using organic or biodegradable materials, or creating products from recycled content allows dentists to move along the green path, without sacrificing. It’s just one way they have found to make “green” work for dentists. Here are some other highlights of PureLife’s green initiatives:

  • Problem: Mercury pollution: did you know that the EPA estimates that 50% of the mercury that enters our waterways comes from dental amalgam, which is a mix of mercury and other metals?
  • PureLife Solution: As an example, most Michigan dentists are required to have amalgam separators installed by 2013. To help these practitioners with the cost of complying, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Environment awarded a $300 grant to the Michigan Dental Association towards the purchase of an amalgam separator. PureLife subsequently dropped its price on one of its most popular separators to $300, bringing the out-of-pocket costs for Michigan dentists to zero.
  • Problem: Dentists need education to learn about measures they can take to green their practices and meet regulatory compliance.
  • PureLife Solution: Making Green Work: a How-To Guide for Dentists, a reference guide to help dentists become “green” from a practical viewpoint. It includes information on mercury and x-ray waste, and how to best ensure Compliance. The guide also goes Beyond Compliance, showing practitioners the top three steps they can do today to green a dental practice, helping to save money and attract more patients at the same time.
  • Problem: A need for resources to acknowledge and assist dentists with environmental and compliance initiatives in a cost effective way, and in a way that communicates the initiatives with patients and employees.
  • PureLife Solution: PureLife’s new Environmental Leaders Program – a partnership program that will recognize the steps practices take towards compliance and beyond, while helping them to communicate the practice’s commitment to environmental and public health to patients and employees. To help reduce the costs associated with environmental compliance, the program partners will receive discounts on PureLife’s Green Collection of eco-friendly products, along with other benefits.

In addition to all of these great measures that PureLife takes, they also offset both the office emissions of the company, as well as the shipping of all of their products. PureLife Dental is truly reducing their carbon footprint when they can, and offsetting those emissions that they cannot reduce.  To learn more about PureLife Dental please visit: