Zono Technologies

City Atlanta
State GA
Country United States

Zono Technologies creates environments inside cabinets and rooms that kill dangerous pathogens. Our users and their clients benefit from fewer bacteria and viruses in their places of work, study and play. Zono products are used in interior spaces and have no emissions, plug into household-type electrical circuits and a week’s water usage is contained in an onboard refillable water canister.

Environmental Commitment:

Zono machines have a few renewal components that are simple to replace, cheaply upgradable to perform as long as 25-years. Ultimately, the housing, which is aluminum, can be recycled.

“ZONO Technologies is a natural for Carbonfund because we have successfully engineered our products to have zero emissions even though they coexist with occupants in interior spaces. For benefit of people, the machines kill dangerous virial and bacteria pathogens. Not only without emissions, water consumed is in a small onboard canister that is refillable with tap water weekly. The energy used for each 30-min cycle is equal to that of an EV to travel 1-mile. The lifecycle is economically upgradable to 25-yrs. The main component, the housing, is aluminum and will be recycled.  ZONO Technologies’ products’ engineering and operations are symbiotic with the tenets of Carbonfund.” – Myron Martin, Sales Leader