WonderCow Nutrition

City Madera
State CA
Country US

WonderCow Nutrition was founded in Madera, CA in 2021 with the goal of providing high-quality, bovine colostrum-based supplement products to the market. As 7th generation dairy farmers, the founders of WonderCow know the nutritional power of bovine colostrum and strive to make it more readily available, while also spreading transparency and awareness of the good that the dairy industry brings to families worldwide. WonderCow’s first product, Colostrum Powder, launched in April 2023, and the team is working toward expanding their product profiles across various flavors and packaging options. WonderCow was created so you can live your best life with a vitality you’ve never felt before.

WonderCow works with dairies across California that are practicing sustainable solutions. Here are a few of the ways the dairies that WonderCow sources from are making a difference for the environment:

Renewable Energy

Cow manure is captured on the dairy farms and immediately goes through methane digester systems. These systems hold the manure for up to 30 days, capturing all of the methane and turning it into electricity and/or renewable natural gas. This newly converted energy can be used to operate the facility, tractors, and vehicles. Once the digester completes its process, the now called “digestate” can then be transferred to fields in order to replenish the soil nutrients. 

Upcycling Nutrients

A dairy cow’s diet consists of 30-40% byproducts. Byproducts are leftovers from crops grown for human food. Nutritionists test different byproducts for their nutritional content to determine what types are beneficial for cows. For example, cottonseed is a byproduct of cotton, almond hulls are a byproduct from almonds, etc. 

All of these nutritional byproducts contain high amounts of nutrients that can only be digested by a ruminant (cow). If the cows did not consume them, these byproducts would be hauled off to the landfill and send out emissions into our atmosphere as they decompose. This is known as “upcycling”. As cows eat the extras, they convert it into high-quality, nutritious food! This helps keep our landfills empty, minimize emissions in the atmosphere, and helps us recycle what would otherwise be wasted.

Regenerating Soil

Dairy cows play a major role in supporting the soil to uphold its quality. Their manure is recycled to replenish the soil nutrients, which optimize the soil’s health. Healthy soils will grow nutrient-dense plants. When cows are fed healthier food from the plants, they can better replenish healthy soils. Cows are imperative in keeping soil healthy so that farmers don’t have to rely on mined minerals—which are finite—and chemicals.

Recycling Water

All the water that cows consume is utilized for good within the cow, or eventually reused. Some is turned into milk, some is used by the body for maintenance and health, and the rest flushes out the body. The water flushed out is then captured and reused to water plants and add nutrients to the soil.

“Sustainability is really important to us, as lifelong contributors to the dairy community. We know that dairy cows can have a powerful impact on improving the environment, while providing all-natural superfoods. Partnering with Carbonfund demonstrates our commitment to both product transparency and upholding our responsibility for sustainable practices on dairy farms. We’re passionate about doing our part to better the world around us, and spread awareness for all the good that dairies are doing.” – Rob Diepersloot, Founder