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wikiHow is the largest how-to site on the internet. They are a hybrid organization: a for-profit company run for a social mission. By creating the world’s most helpful instructions, wikiHow aims to empower every person on the planet to learn how to do anything. wikiHow has been translated into 19 languages and there are over 200,000 how-to articles on wikiHow. Today, they are uniquely equipped to provide readers with the best how-to experience on the internet.

For the past two years, wikiHow has partnered with to offset their carbon footprint. They also use their articles, social channels, newsletters, and campaigns to spread awareness about ways to combat climate change and protect the environment. wikiHow has written over 200 articles focusing on environmental protection and preservation and has partnered with seven environmental and sustainability specialists to ensure this content is expert-verified, accurate, and trustworthy.

wikiHow has also developed two courses in an effort to educate people about ways to help protect the environment. Their course on How to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint and Fight Climate Change, in partnership with, teaches readers sensible, easy things they can do each day to minimize their carbon emissions and be a part of the solution. wikiHow’s Zero Waste course helps educate readers on ways to reduce waste, while saving money and the planet.

wikiHow also promotes sustainability within their own culture and work environment. Their office is actually located in a house, with a large backyard and a sustainable organic garden. Most wikiHow employees work from home or bike to work. They also take recycling and composting very seriously!