Wedding International Professionals Association

City Scottsdale
State AZ
Country United States

Our mission is to provide industry leading education for our members, produce inspirational networking events and advance the ethical standards of the wedding industry. Our founding board worked with a diverse group of WIPA members to develop the professional conduct and code of ethics to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

Environmental Commitment:

As an association of wedding professionals, we want to lead the way to encouraging our members and our communities to be more forward thinking on ways we can reduce waste and be more sustainable in our industry. The average wedding produces 63 tons of CO2 which leaves a huge footprint on our planet. We believe we can do better and it’s our job to share with our members how and why it is important.

“We are committed to being a positive influence for change in our industry. As leaders we can show that we prioritize and make decisions regarding our client’s weddings and our events that are more sustainable. By putting this at the forefront of our member’s minds we hope to bring more awareness and move the conversation forward.” – Sarah Roshan, International Director of Community Outreach