City London
Country UK

Twig is a next generation financial services company, powering the circular economy. Along with offering traditional banking services, Twig allows users to discover and unlock wealth they never knew they had. Providing users with a simple way to declutter and get instant payment for their things, Twig extends the life of clothes and diverts them from the landfill. We want to empower our customers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, by providing them with the relevant tools and by setting an example as a business.

From powering the circular economy to offsetting our own carbon emissions and empowering our consumers to do the same, we are aiming to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our business. We have recently acquired a Pending B Corp status, recognizing our commitment to fighting climate change and making this world a better place.

“Twig is deeply rooted in sustainability and circular economy principles. We want to be a catalyst for positive change and know that this can only be achieved through a collective shift in mindsets and behaviour. This is also why we offset our emissions and why we empower our consumers to make a positive impact and work against climate change, together.” – Geri Cupi, Founder and CEO