This Girl Walks Into a Bar: Mixers + Snacks

City Los Angeles
State CA
Country US

This Girl Walks Into a Bar: Mixers + Snacks introduces a premium, certified organic, non-GMO, deliciously tart Margarita Mix for cocktail fans who want to create homemade-tasting, bar-quality drinks at home.

Environmental Commitment:

Our margarita mix is made with organic limes from a family farm in Hermosilo, Mexico, and our organic lemons are sourced on the open market from various South American countries. The organic sugar we use comes from Brazil, Columbia, and Paraguay. We package our mix locally in Southern California and use glass bottles with metal caps.

“Although we are a very small company, we hope to have larger impact through Carbonfund. We care very much about this precious world and are eager to offset our own carbon footprint during our quest to produce premium, organic cocktail mixers,” said  Jordan Catapano, Co-Founder