The Better Packaging Co

City Auckland
Country New Zealand

Having seen firsthand the amount of plastic waste generated by the eCommerce industry we, the company’s founders – Rebecca and Kate, decided to start with courier packaging.

We design revolutionary, customised packaging solutions for the new eco-nomy – a circular economy in which generating waste is not an option and the earth’s resources are not treated as infinite. We have sustainable packaging to support eCommerce and retail. Behind The Better Packaging Co. is a team of passionate individuals determined to improve the state of the environment.

We have produced a range of low impact compostable packaging solutions to replace virgin plastic for eCommerce businesses all over the world. We take product stewardship very seriously, by carefully designing revolutionary, low impact packaging products. We seek ways to reuse waste and utilize plant-based, highly sustainable materials to produce our packaging. Wherever we are unable to reduce the impact, we carbon offset through Carbonfund. We have completely offset all our business operations and have completed LCA’s to effectively offset our core products by 200%. We will continue to undertake LCAs across every product we produce to ensure we can measure and offset our impact.

We are determined to do this right. As the leader in this industry, we are continuously innovating and know how important it is to set the highest standard. We guarantee our products’ quality and ensure they conform to the most rigorous global certifications.

“We are on a mission to design out waste. We are firmly committed to reducing our impact wherever possible and offsetting the rest via Carbonfund to create a carbon negative, climate positive business that supports the circular economy.” Kate Bezar, Co-Founder, Creative Director