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RetreaTours creates meaningful travel experiences in destinations all over the globe. We craft each itinerary to maximize the greatest good for the greatest number, including our guests, our partners, and the local community. RetreaTours specializes in safe and comfortable small-group tours led by its owners, BJ Graf and Lauren Rathvon, with a specialty in Around the World journeys, wildlife safaris, Buddhist pilgrimages, and custom cultural experiences. We hand-select the best locally-owned hotels, restaurants, and guides in order to keep money in the local economies and grow these vibrant communities. Since 2012 we’ve focused on making travel easy for our guests; with our triple carbon offset program, we’re pleased to make our trips as sustainable as they are memorable.

We design our tours to be as personally impactful as possible, but with minimal environmental impact. To that end, we purchase triple carbon offsets on behalf of each of our guests—that’s from their home, through the entire tour, and back to their home again, times three! RetreaTours also offsets 300% of their entire business operation, as well as the housing and travel carbon footprint for its owners. Our 300% carbon offsets are in addition to the human, wildlife, and environmental programs that we support in all of our destinations. We actively encourage our guests to offset their own daily carbon footprint at You can read more about our efforts at

“RetreaTours is committed to a long term relationship with  There are so many options to choose from when purchasing offsets, but there are few (if any) organizations that have administrative expenses as low as and that are as transparent in their operations, as evidenced by their platinum status with GuideStar.” – BJ Graf, Owner