Purevant Living

City Milwaukee
State WI
Country United States

Purevant Living stands for health, wellness, the environment, and giving back. We aim to help companies develop brand identity through digital marketing, copy, creative content, social media management and podcasting, to promote your product or service. Our motto focuses on highlighting “all things good” in the world.

Environmental Commitment:

We continually aim to share and bring awareness to amazing initiatives worldwide, highlighting all of the products, services, or companies, that bring awareness to sustainability and the environment, or practice social responsibility. Through our podcast series, The Woman In Wellness Podcast and Things You Should Know Podcast, we created a platform to share the efforts of these individuals and organizations.

In addition, Purevant Living is in the process of creating publications to bring awareness to climate change and the urgency of sustainability efforts, while offsetting and reducing carbon emissions. As a company, we have a commitment to donate 2% of every sale.

“We chose to partner with Carbonfund.org, to show commitment to environmental conservation, to build a structure for giving back.

At Purevant Living we are conscious about energy consumption, emissions, and sharing examples of environmentally friendly practices, businesses, products, and services. We work with other businesses and programs that share these same values. By partnering with the Carbonfree® Partner Program for small businesses, we are able to offset our annual carbon footprint and contribute to an organization that champions positive change.” – Stephanie Krubsack, Founder & CEO