PureLife Dental

City Santa Monica
State California
Country United States

PureLife Dental is a dental supply distributor dedicated to innovation and providing customers with the highest quality dental supplies and healthier, greener alternatives that have a positive impact on our planet. Since 2009, PureLife has been making dentists’ lives easier and our earth cleaner.

As a provider in an industry responsible for massive amounts of one-use waste (gloves, masks, plastic cups etc.), we have an incredible opportunity to change the status quo and PureLife Dental does not take that lightly.

Through our partnership with Carbonfund, we offset 100% of our carbon emissions through reforestation. Thanks to our incredible customers, we have helped to offset the equivalent of over a quarter of a million trees (as of October 2021).

“With our core philosophy of Dentistry Evolved, we are not only committed to cutting-edge technology and future-proof dental purchasing tools but in a much broader sense we mean to be a true leader in the evolution of our industry to a more sustainable future and “Make Green Work” for dentists nationwide!” – Omar Almidani, CEO