Promepell, S.A.

City Ambato
State Tungurahua
Country Ecuador
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Since 2002, Promepell is a company dedicated to inspiring the use and love for Leather, accompanying the moments of our Ecuadorian society at every step, promoting creativity, sustainable development, and strengthening family work. Thanks to this, Promepell is today one of the most recognized companies in the market for primary leather products.

“Both for the 100% Carbon Neutral Program® in San José and for Costecam Ltda in Ecuador, coordinator of the process, it has been a true honor to work side by side with Promepell’s team of officials and executives in the company’s Carbon Neutrality process,” says Javier Segura M., COO LATAM,  Programa 100% Carbon Neutral®. “It’s always good news when a market leader decides to step up and become the environmental leader in its industry and demonstrate that leadership by example.”

For several years Promepell has been committed to sustainability, and in compliance with that commitment it has implemented various industrial practices aimed at mitigating its environmental impacts. Being that the last and most remarkable of them obtaining the status of 100% Carbon Neutral Company®, obtained in the year 2023.