PLT Health Solutions

City Morristown
State New Jersey
Country USA

PLT Health Solutions is a purpose-driven company passionate about helping people live healthier, happier lives. They are proud of their 70-year history as a discoverer, developer, and marketer of high-quality, scientifically-supported ingredient solutions for the natural products, food & beverage, animal nutrition, and cosmeceuticals markets.

They believe that innovation builds brands, and are constantly scouring the globe for technologies that allow them to deliver experiential and functional benefits to help their customers differentiate their products from the competition. PLT Health Solutions is proud of the long-term relationships with their supplier-partners as well as with many of the leading consumer products companies in the industries that they serve.

As a company in the business of promoting health and wellness via plant-based ingredients, PLT Health Solutions understands that environmental protection, sustainable sourcing, stewardship of natural resources and ethical conduct are not only the right thing to do – they are also good business. Without a vibrant global ecosystem, PLT won’t have access to the natural, botanical materials that form the foundation of their products. Without continuing care for the plants that  produce their raw materials, their most successful ingredients will cease to exist. And without a partnership-type relationship with the communities that grow, harvest and process these raw materials, PLT Health Solutions loses access to the indigenous knowledge and innovation that makes their ingredients relevant and special.

At PLT Health Solutions, the pursuits of environmental protection, sustainable sourcing, natural resource stewardship and right livelihood are cornerstones of their business. They are committed to becoming and maintaining a carbon neutral business. Today, PLT is proudly working with Foundation to support the Envira Amazonia Tropical Forest Conservation Project. Partnering with is one of the key ways PLT can drive positive change and make a quantifiable impact on the environment.

According to Chief Operating Officer Devin Stagg, “the strong consumer brands of the future will be built on sustainable ingredients by companies who commit to respecting people and the environment.”

PLT’s highly experienced team, many of whom have long tenures within the company and the industries they serve, are the foundation for their innovation, scientific, regulatory, marketing, and operational expertise. Their leading global sales team and network of distribution partners further provide a truly global reach and their technologies power leading brands in categories all around the world.

Today, PLT Health Solutions delivers solutions across a broad range of health & wellness platforms that address important consumer needs.