Pinky Collagen

City Scottsdale
State AZ
Country US

Pinky Collagen is essential daily nutrition for everyone, providing benefits for hair, skin, nails and much more. Naturally flavored with real dragon fruit, we’re proving that the being good to your body and taste buds aren’t mutually exclusive.

Environmental Commitment:

Pinky Collagen believes that companies should have a positive impact on the world. That’s why we donate 5% of net sales to breast cancer research and are committed to environmental sustainability. We ethically source our ingredients and collagen peptides are inherently sustainable given they are derived from the existing cattle industry. No animals are raised to produce collagen. We’ve also cut back on plastic waste and lowered the carbon footprint of our shipping operation by switching from tubs to pouches. Lastly, we’re a committed Carbonfund partner, which helps offset our carbon even further.

Dave Harris, CEO, Pinky Collagen, said, “We believe companies should have a positive impact on the world. Our charitable giving to breast cancer research and partnership with Carbonfund help us live by that mission.”