Patio Productions

Patio Productions is a nationally recognized manufacturer and retailer of luxury modern outdoor furniture. Based in San Diego, California, Patio Productions began as a drop ship e-commerce business in 2010. By 2016, the company had two physical showroom locations as well as its own furniture brand. In 2019, Patio Productions started its own in-house outdoor cushion manufacturing center. The company specializes in high quality all-weather furniture and upholstery, with an emphasis on industry connections and unbeatable customer service. They sell to commercial as well as residential sectors and are committed to using the cleanest, most environmentally friendly manufacturing methods for their furniture.

Environmental Commitment:

Patio Productions makes contributions to various local environmental groups, uses recycled materials and sustainably farmed Indonesian teak as much as possible in the furniture manufacturing process, constructing high quality furniture that is designed to last a lifetime as opposed to trendy ‘fast furniture’ that now takes up so much landfill space.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Carbonfund in the past, and we can say without a doubt they are the most trustworthy organization with incredible knowledge and wisdom – we believe our dollars go further toward environmental causes with Carbonfund than pretty much any other company we work with.” Ben Harvey, CEO