Pampered Guest, LLC

Changing the travel industry by developing the world’s first automated, organic & fully compostable amenity solutions marketplace for hotels, resorts, PM’s & RBO’s. We automate bathroom, kitchen, cleaning and gift-giving processes that delight guests through Amenity Boxes「 that deliver better guest experiences, highly-rated reviews, more bookings & increased staff productivity, while substantially reducing labor costs, bulk ordering, shipping costs & storage space.

Environmental Commitment:

Our zero-waste packaging is comprised of certified compostable, 100% FSC-certified materials. All of our “plastic” products are made from compostable ingredients, such as wheat-stalk, wood bio-resin, PBAT and bamboo. All our product formulations are natural, climate, health and well-being positive, earning a 1 on EWG standard scores. We only partner with companies committed to ethical sourcing and the highest environmental protection standards. Lastly, we additionally plant a mangrove tree for every order placed, fully offsetting our carbon footprint and then some. Good for you. Good for the planet. Now that’s good business.

“We are proud to partner with Carbonfund as another testament to our never-ending commitment to doing good for our customers and the health well-being of our planet. Instead of using artificial ingredients to mimic nature, we use nature instead. We’re excited to take one of the most polluting parts of the hospitality industry and flip it upside-down to be a force for good, paving the way for some of the most sustainable, quality and natural products that exist. A product made from nature that nature is happy to take back,” said Igor, Founder.