Original Moxie, LLC

City Ypsilanti
State MI
Country United States

Original Moxie is a Natural Hair Care Company specializing in botanically enriched shampoos, conditioners, stylers and treatments for a diverse range of hair types.  Our unique 3-D Diagnostic Approach matches hair type to product for a customized fit that helps you be youtiful!

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to the environment begins with our products, which are at least 97% natural and contain a high number of Certified Organic ingredients.  We are committed to using natural ingredients not just because they work, but because they create less of an environmental impact than their chemical counterparts.Though we do use a limited number of chemicals (primarily for emulsification and preservation), we take care to use only those that receive a safety rating of 5 or lower on the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database and to use them in the smallest possible amount.

From our highly concentrated products to our Moxie Minis Program, we believe that less is more, particularly if it helps to minimize post-consumer waste.  We also strive to keep our internally produced waste to a minimum.  Whenever possible, we purchase tools and supplies that can be re-used without sacrificing hygiene and quality.  All paper, plastic and glass that cannot be re-used is responsibly recycled.

We realize that our impact on the environment doesn’t stop at our doors. The containers in which we package our products are made of #1/PET or #2/HDPE Plastic and accepted by most curbside recycling programs.     We recycle or re-use the boxes and packing material that are shipped to us and utilize boxes with a high recycled content to ship our products to our customers. All of our retail customers receive their orders in USPS Priority Mailboxes, which have been awarded Cradle to Cradle Certification℠ for their ecologically intelligent design.

“Beautiful hair shouldn’t damage the environment or your health – it’s as simple as that.  We do everything that we can to minimize our carbon footprint, but as in any manufacturing process, some waste is inevitable.  Carbonfund offers businesses like ours a great way to offset where we cannot reduce and to educate consumers on the importance of environmental stewardship! “ –  Rachel E. Blistein, Founder/ CEO