Mondizen is an online store offering a wide range of French products for French expats and Francophiles in every country of the world. Mondizen’s website also manages grouped deliveries and provides a customized order service for sourcing, purchasing and transporting any French product. The product range is rapidly growing through Mondizen’s attention to customers’ requests. For more information, please come and visit us at


Environmental Commitment


Globalization and global trade are expanding the horizons of individuals to consider their behavior in a global context. Mondizen believes global trade can make the world a better place for everyone. However, climate change is happening and global trade increases CO2 emissions. Mondizen searched for a way to offset the negative environmental impacts of shipping French products internationally. Mondizen does not want to make a bad situation worse, and we believe this is important to our customers. Therefore, Mondizen is committed to offsetting CO2 emissions through Carbonfund’s Carbonfree Shipping program.


“It is a modern luxury to have French products sent rapidly from France to anywhere in the world. Carbonfund’s Carbonfree Shipping program allows Mondizen to balance luxury with responsibility.” – Sandrine Escoffier, Founder