Mondel – El Queso Francés, S.A.

City Quito
Country Ecuador

Gourmet cheese production

Mondel Ecuador (El Queso Francés, S.A.) is a long-standing agri-food company dedicated to the production and marketing of gourmet cheeses. And since 2020, it has exported part of its production to the USA. Over the years Mondel has opened a space in the market based on the quality and high standards of its products.

“It is obvious that for an International Carbon Neutrality Program it is important that its members in all countries are market-leading companies, or exemplary companies in their industries,” said Javier Segura M., COO LATAM. “With Mondel, the 100% Carbon Neutral Program® found both. For us, and for our Costecam associates, it has been inspiring to work side by side with a company like Mondel.”

Due to the nature of the company, environmental practices are normal and customary. In this industry, environmental practices always result in better product quality and lower operating costs. As a corollary of these efforts, in 2023 the company obtained its first certification as a 100% Carbon Neutral® Company.