Mintyfizz Puzzles

City Olympia
State WA
Country USA

Mintyfizz Puzzles sells fun, vibrate, and colorful jigsaw puzzles.  We focus on appealing design, unique artwork, and providing puzzlers with the best possible puzzle experience.

Mintyfizz Puzzles is committed to sustainability.  All of our puzzle are made from sustainable sourced paper products and we are committed to lessening our environmental impact. Which is why we have purchased carbon offsets to limit the impact of operations and shipping activities.  It is our goal to continue to improve the environmental footprint of our products, while offering high quality puzzles.

“As a puzzle enthusiast and artist, I started Mintyfizz Puzzles to share unique high-quality designs with other people. I also wanted my business to express my values, which is why I wanted to reduce our carbon footprint. I appreciate how easy Carbonfund made it for a small business to lessen our carbon impact.” – Kelly Wesley, Owner