Lochtree, LLC

City Newton
State MA
Country USA

Lochtree is a fresh approach to sustainability. We make it easy for consumers to find great eco-friendly products while helping create positive environmental change. At Lochtree, we do the homework for consumers by sourcing and vetting fantastic products that help support sustainable living.

Our goal is to provide a convenient way for consumers to make earth-friendly choices. We’ve seen the power of positive consumer choices firsthand, and we know that every small step today leads to a better world tomorrow.

Around the world, passionate individuals and companies are dedicating themselves to creating products that fill consumer needs without harming the planet. Constant innovations and growth provide new ways for consumers to make sustainable choices.

As a marketplace, Lochtree seeks to expand the reach of these eco-friendly products and introduce more people to their benefits. Lochtree is a place where everyone is welcome—from lifelong environmentalists to those only beginning to learn about caring for the planet. More than just another store, Lochtree is a community where conscientious consumers can join together.

Providing great and convenient eco-friendly products for conscious consumers is just the first step in our process. Our mission at Lochtree is to help build a healthier world for tomorrow. We actively work with a number of environmental projects that help repair damaged eco-systems, provide education about the environment, and support greater access to critical resources like fresh water. We believe that “a lot of littles make a big” and that as a community, we can create significant environmental change. Every customer at Lochtree helps further build this community and increase our collective impact. Together, we can plant the seeds that will lead to a brighter world tomorrow—for all of us.

“At Lochtree, our mission is to make sustainable living more accessible and simpler for all. We have created an online marketplace that curates fantastic eco-friendly products that help consumers find sustainable solutions for their lives. We believe in the power of conscientious consumerism and are committed to addressing the entire process – including the carbon footprint of online shopping. In partnering with Carbonfund.org, Lochtree can proactively offset the impact of shipping and transportation and offer our customers a carbon-neutral shopping experience. We are excited about working with Carbonfund.org and continuing to play our part in protecting the environment for generations to come.” – Henry Palmer, Founder/CEO