City Bloomington
State IL
Country US

K-Kraft® delivers solutions to gift-giving and home living by equipping people with materials to create memorable celebrations and gift-giving experiences.

Environmental Commitment:

K-Kraft echoes all that is good in the world as good stewards and neighbors.  Our commitment to environmental sustainability is of utmost importance.  In addition to offsetting our carbon footprint by being a Carbonfund partner, we recycle all our cardboard in our operations, utilize bio-degradable packaging wherever possible, and use only electric equipment in our warehouse.  We also give back to the community by donating all our product seconds, slightly blemished products, and discontinued products to a local nonprofit.

“We want to save the planet for future generations and minimize the suffering to the Earth’s inhabitants caused by climate change.  We researched how we could have the most impact and The Carbonfree Small Business Partner Program was at the top of our list.” – Renee Schneider, Founder K-Kraft