Just Mind Counseling

City Austin
State Texas
Country USA

Just Mind Counseling was founded by a husband and wife team in 2007 and is a center of excellence focused on providing comprehensive psychological care to adults, couples, teenagers and children. Our skilled group of mental health professionals are trained to meet the unique emotional and diagnostic needs of the clients they are matched with. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and therapeutic environment where you and your loved ones feel comfortable sharing their successes and challenges without judgement.

Our business understands that it’s crucial for all of us to help fight climate change and to minimize our footprint on the world. We do this through carbon offsets of third-party-certified programs, energy efficiency audits, and IT policy updates to increase security and equipment efficiency, participating in Austin Energy’s Plugin Everywhere, pushing our landlord for EV charging, using telehealth frequently for clinicians and clients, as well as by requiring double-sided printing, encouraging employees to have lunch on site, using online services to cut junk mail and to get our statements online, providing online or cloud-based statements to clients, only purchasing energy-efficient office equipment and materials, adding programmable thermostats, only using LED bulbs, and purchasing compostable and recyclable materials. We have worked with and continue to work with our landlord on updates that would increase energy efficiency. We work hard to find new homes for any items that are no longer in use in our office (old furniture, etc.) instead of adding to waste.

“It is incumbent upon all of us to do our part to help make the world a better place. I am from New Orleans originally, and Hurricane Katrina precipitated my move to Austin. The Gulf Coast region has been hammered by the effects of climate change and increased storm intensity. Having been through the catastrophic consequences of a major hurricane, the necessity of changing our ways and reducing the pains climate change can and will cause have a very personal meaning. This lesson will not be wasted, and as our company grows, we plan to continue to look for more ways that we can give back to nature and lessen our footprint on the surrounding world.” – William Schroeder, MA, LPC, NCC, Co-Owner of Just Mind