Jane Doe Studio™

City New York
State NY
Country United States

Jane Doe Studio is a women-owned creative agency and eco-conscious production partner based in NY & LA. We specialize in elevating brand DNA by crafting high-end visual identities, integrated campaigns and providing full-service content production.

At Jane, sustainability begins with our core ethos. Social and environmental good, inclusivity, and equity are woven into all our efforts from brand strategies and 360° campaign ideas, to package design and social collaborations.

Our production philosophy is simple: create a clean, respectful and eco-friendly experience. From maximizing hybrid transportation, working with local and sustainable food vendors, to the incorporation of on-set recycling, composting and the absence of single use plastic, we actively minimize our carbon footprint.

“Beyond creating content with impact, we strive to create a positive environmental impact by investing in sustainable initiatives in all aspects of our business.” – Krissa Jane Nelson, CEO and Co-Founder