Intex Solutions

City Montebello
State CA
Country United States

Intex Solutions is the nation’s leading company in the care of commercial carpet and other interior finishes. We set the standard among small businesses for our environmen­tally sustainable practices, including a national award for our energy conservation efforts. Our CO2OL Carpet Cleaning program featuring the EcoTex Cleaning System defines “green” for the carpet care industry.

Intex is committed to managing our business and providing our services in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Our focus is on people, community, and our planet, and on doing our work in a way that benefits them generally. We have expanded our mission beyond quality of service to quality of life. We strive to set an example for other small businesses in our fair and supportive treatment of our employees, and our eco-friendly interior environmental services. We clean for health first. Through our Green Best Practices we promote the safety and health of clients’ employees and our own staff.

As one of many pioneers in the sustainable business movement, our internal “lean and green” business practices also protect the environment and help us provide cost savings to customers. Bottom line: We can do the right thing and also succeed in our business.

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Environmental Commitment

Intex Solutions has offset its entire corporate footprint.