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International Yoga is rooted in the belief that world travel and yoga have the power to transform. For over 14 years we’ve combined the best yoga teachers with some of the most compelling global destinations for truly unforgettable and life-changing journeys. Breaking away from our everyday routines and delving deeper into our practice in a new environment allows us to return home recharged, with a renewed zeal for the quality of our lives back home along with a richer understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Learn more about our journeys at

At International Yoga, we believe that world travel has the power to transform lives. As a travel company, we also understand our responsibility to sustain and protect the beautiful places we get to visit and enjoy. We are committed to traveling in a way that is respectful of local people, their culture, and the environment.

While we strive to reduce our carbon contribution, some energy expenditures are unavoidable. For these inputs, we are proud to partner with Foundation. By purchasing carbon offsets through our partner page, you can support energy efficiency, renewable energy, and forestry-based projects across the globe. Together we can reduce our environmental impact!

“At International Yoga, we understand the positive impact travel can have in fostering global connection. We also understand the stress that travel can have on the environment. We feel it is imperative that we travel in a sustainable way so that we can protect the planet. Our company goal is to lower our impact by giving back to the local communities that we travel to and offsetting our carbon footprint.” – Michelle Fliegauf, International Yoga Founder

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