Hot Jiang®

City Los Angeles
State CA
Country US

Hot Jiang® is bringing authentic Chinese flavors from Kunming, Yunnan province to the world. We are a minority-Asian and women-owned business founded by Netflix’s Bling Empire, Kelly Mi Li, and her mom, Emily, with the goal to bring people together through food by sharing our culture. Through our secret homemade family recipes that have been passed down for generations, our products will take your taste buds on a journey!

Hot Jiang® uses the simplest yet finest ingredients for the best products. Our first product is our signature chili oil crisp that comes in three spice levels and is healthy, vegan, keto-friendly, and non-GMO.

Here at Hot Jiang®, sustainability is a promise. We ethically source the freshest ingredients from our Yunnan farms and use eco-friendly packaging that is safe for our planet. Through offsetting carbon emissions and focusing on efficiency, we hope to leave a positive impact on both our community and the environment. Ultimately, our goal is to help create a greener tomorrow, all while crafting unforgettable moments for our community.

“Our family recipes are passed down from one generation to another, embodying our love for future generations and promise to care for our planet. Together with Carbonfund, we hope to continue cultivating unforgettable moments and a greener tomorrow for all, ” said Kelly Mi Li, Co-Founder.