Handwriting Success

City Portland
State OR
Country US

Handwriting Success publishes the Getty-Dubay® Italic books, materials, an app for tablet and stylus, and downloadable computer fonts that bring legibility, beauty and ease to the everyday experience of writing by hand.

Since 1979, Getty-Dubay® Italic offers fun and effective learning tools for anyone who wants to improve their handwriting or learn the art of calligraphy.  Getty-Dubay® books are in use in schools and thousands of homes across America and abroad.

Over 4,500 medical professionals across the United States and tens of thousands of other adults and professionals have improved their handwriting through our flagship workbook for adults, WRITE NOW™.

For those who want to use a tablet & stylus to improve their handwriting, there’s the Handwriting Success App, available for both iOS and Android devices. For students, the Handwriting Success App provides a complete handwriting curriculum for K-6 at the touch of a button.

Environmental Commitment:

Handwriting Success has a strong environmental commitment, and invests in making its products more sustainable, including using wind-powered printing, soy-based inks and recycled paper content in the production of books, solar-powered warehousing, as well as digital content delivery and print-on-demand to reduce paper use and shipping.

Owner Jonathan Dubay says, “At Handwriting Success we take to heart the Chief Seattle quotation that is in our handwriting book for 10-year-old students: ‘All things are connected.’ To us, that means education and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. We want to make certain that we are preparing the best future in every way possible for the next generations.”