Handbag Handcuff® (BACOR, Inc.)

City Los Angeles
State CA
Country United States

BACOR, Inc. develops and manufactures the Handbag Handcuff® product line, including its signature bag restraint which was created to secure your bag in place in the car, on a stroller, shopping cart, or anywhere you go. Handbag Handcuff® features specially designed cuffs and luxurious stain- and fade-resistant vegan fabrics selected for form and functionality.

Handbag Handcuff® products are minimally packaged and shipped with sustainable materials, evidencing BACOR’s commitment to the environment. Our products are made with vegan leather and crafted without animal skins or animal by-products. We have embraced Carbonfree Shipping to offset the carbon-dioxide emissions generated by the transportation of our products. Additionally, we have partnered with Carbonfund to support its clean-air technology projects. Each calendar year, we purchase metric tonnes (MTs) of carbon-emission offsets and allocate them to fund reforestation and sustainability initiatives.

“We are dedicated to growing our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Our top priorities are to our customers, our community, and the world. Clean air is the thread that binds us all together. We believe in Carbonfund’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and are proud to partner with it to improve air quality on our shared planet.”  – Beth Corets, President, BACOR, Inc. / Handbag Handcuff®