GROSCHE International Inc.

City Cambridge
State Ontario
Country Canada

We design and manufacture our line of premium tea and coffee wares, and distribute them to retailers across the USA and Canada. We are a family owned and run business, with a passion for fine design in tea and coffee wares and accessories. You can see our products at

Environmental Commitment

We’re reducing our footprint with recycled content in our packaging, reducing packaging content, energy efficient lighting in our warehouse, water efficient fixtures, minimizing freight volume, using recycled cartons and paper for shipping, etc. Also we are offsetting more than our annual operating footprint (which includes packaging, inbound freight, outbound shipping, warehouse utilities and energy, fleet, etc) with Carbonfund.

“A day will come when our generations will look to us either with pride, on how we saw the importance of Sustainability and took measures towards it, or with disdain at how we knew the risks but did nothing about it. How they look upon us tomorrow, depends on the choices we make today. Let’s make the right choices, ones that we, and our coming generations, can live with.” – Mehreen Sait, President