Green Wings

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Green Wings is a new non-profit organization aimed at flight crews. Our mission is to elevate environmental standards in aviation, from the ground up.

We are founded by pilots and flight attendants that are passionate about the environment and understand the negative repercussions of our industry. We believe every day we have a chance to reduce our overall impact whilst at work.

We sell memberships and reusable gear, with 10% of proceeds donated to a conservation fund, and the remaining money going back into building the organization.

Environmental Commitment:

We have a 3 part approach to help fight climate change/ the environment

  • Inspire individual changes for flight crews, collecting and sharing best practices to be more eco-friendly at work.
  • Partner with airlines to improve on policy changes and procedures.
  • Research, educate and collaborate with airlines, airports, vendors and third party organizations to spark a cultural change within the airlines, with sustainability at the forefront.

We had originally selected Carbonfund as one of our conservation fund donation options via our website. We deeply believe in their mission, and are excited to have the opportunity to partner with them. Carbon offsetting is important to us, and as a non-profit that operates with similarities to a small business, we strive to reduce what we can, and offset the rest!