Earthbound Expeditions

City Bainbridge Island
State WA
Country USA

Earthbound Expeditions is committed to supporting environmental education, local small businesses and providing guests with a one-of-a-kind, authentic travel experience. Earthbounders stay in locally-owned hotels, utilize the talents of local lecturers, and dine in family-owned establishments. Earthbound also supports projects like the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica and the Soweto Youth and Development Project of South Africa.

In addition to regularly scheduled trips, Earthbound Expeditions offers custom, hand-crafted overseas adventures for schools, universities, museums, garden clubs, families and numerous public radio stations.

Environmental Commitment

Through Earthbound’s proud partnership with the, Earthbound Expeditions office runs its operations in a carbon neutral manner. The motto, “Reduce what you can; offset what you can’t” fits perfectly with Earthbound Expeditions’ long established philosophy of supporting locally-owned businesses, promoting education and embracing the concept of “slow” travel.

By using a simple carbon calculator, is able to determine the size of your carbon footprint for any specific domestic or overseas adventure. You then may purchase carbon credits. These credits go towards supporting (1) renewable energy, (2) energy efficiency and (3) reforestation projects.

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“Why take a tour, when you can join us on a remarkable culturally rich adventure?” –  Matthew Brumley, Founder