Earthbound Expeditions

City Bainbridge Island
State WA
Country USA

Washington State-based Earthbound Expeditions offers customized, educational overseas adventures for individual travelers, universities, museums, garden clubs, and numerous public radio stations. Earthbound Expeditions is committed to supporting environmental education, local small businesses and providing guests with a one-of-a-kind, authentic travel experience.

Through Earthbound Expedition’s proud partnership with the Carbonfund, Earthbound Expeditions makes annual donations to help offset each guest’s carbon footprint. This donation will be used to purchase and retire high-quality third-party validated and verified voluntary carbon offset projects supporting forest preservation and restoration around the globe.

Over the past ten years, Earthbound Expeditions has neutralized almost 4500 metric tonnes (almost 10 million pounds!) of greenhouse gases emissions, achieving the same positive environmental impact as planting approximately 75,000 tree seedlings, then allowing those trees to grow, mature and sequester carbon dioxide through their natural processes.

“The Carbonfund motto, ‘Reduce what you can; offset what you can’t’ fits perfectly with Earthbound Expeditions’ long established philosophy of supporting locally-owned businesses, promoting education and embracing the concept of ‘slow’ travel,” states Matthew Brumley, Co-Founder of Earthbound Expeditions. “Why take a tour, when you can join us on a remarkable culturally rich adventure?”

Whenever possible, Earthbound Expeditions reserves locally-owned hotels, utilizes the talents of local lecturers, and dines in family-owned establishments. Earthbound Expeditions also supports projects like the Maasai Girls Rescue Center in Tanzania,  Soweto Youth and Development Project of South Africa, the Mama Rosie Orphanage in Cape Town and is assisting families and projects in Cambodia and the USA.

Listen to Matthew’s past travel stories on KNKX-NPR Public Radio:

Carbonfund is very proud to continue our ten-year partnership with Earthbound Expeditions.