Dragonfly Nature Programs LLC

City Holly Springs
State NC
Country USA

Dragonfly Nature Programs LLC designs nature studies for young people. Our in-school programs celebrate North Carolina’s natural wonders while demonstrating that math, literacy, science, history & social skills can all be taught through the lens of nature. We serve early education centers, K-5 public school classrooms & homeschool groups alike.

Dragonfly Nature Program’s mission is to share a love of the natural world with young people, inspiring conservation through awareness & appreciation. A part of that mission is demonstrating practices that limit our impact on our environment, like offsetting the carbon we use to travel to classrooms all over the piedmont region of NC, setting the example that even small businesses can have big impacts when it commits to its principals.

In addition to carbon offsets, Dragonfly Nature Programs also works with the local NC State Turtle Rescue Team to rehabilitate injured turtles, & actively participates in Citizen Science projects to contribute to the scientific studies needed to understand human’s environmental impact on our environment.

“If we fail to educate our youngest citizens on the value of the environment, we will all suffer the consequences. If we fail to offset & minimize our individual impacts on the environment we will all suffer the consequences. I commit to carbon offsetting for my students & as an example to my students. I am hoping that by investing in forest restoration projects, the natural spaces I love will be available to my students in their adulthood. It is the right thing to do.” – Rachel Woods, Owner & Lead Teacher