CarbonPass Group (HK) Limited

City Hong Kong
Country China

Carbon Technology Software Company

CARBONPASS GROUP is a digital technology company dedicated to empowering cross-border brands to achieve low-carbon international expansion. With a focus on the sustainable compliance requirements of the ClimeCo Product Certification Program, part of the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) program, we have built a digital service system that consists of 52 carbon compliance auditing and certification solutions. Our goal is to assist cross-border brands in their low-carbon international expansion efforts and meet green compliance standards. We are a technology-driven company committed to providing comprehensive carbon neutrality and digital transformation solutions for global cross-border brands through technologies such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

“In the field of environmental protection, Carbonfund has always been highly regarded by us,” said Carbon Pass CEO Peter Fan. “As an NGO, it was known for its excellent professional capabilities and rigorous auditing requirements, dedicated to providing high-quality forest carbon offsets. Those standards are continued by ClimeCo, which acquired the Carbonfund name, programs and website in 2022.”

Fan continued, “As the administrator of the ClimeCo Product Certification Program, accepted by Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly sustainable product certifications badging program, ClimeCo carries a high reputation and strict environmental standards. It deeply understands the importance of nature-based and industrial processes carbon offset projects in global climate change, and uses scientific methods for carbon monitoring and evaluation, ensuring that every project meets the highest carbon offset standards. This in-depth understanding and precise grasp of the carbon offset market has allowed ClimeCo to occupy a leading position in the field of carbon offset project development.”

Carbon Pass commits to addressing global climate change by:

  1. Holding zero-carbon meetings and events, achieving zero-carbon company operations, organizing zero-carbon training for employees, and advocating a low-carbon lifestyle.
  2. Recognizing the importance of protecting the environment and promoting green development, and we are taking action to reduce their carbon footprint.
  3. Encouraging the use of renewable energy, reducing waste emissions, and promoting energy-saving measures, they are working towards a sustainable future.
  4. Advocating a low-carbon lifestyle and actively promote low-carbon concepts by encourage employees to adopt energy-saving and emission-reducing measures in their daily lives. At the same time, Carbon Pass will guide employees to choose environmentally friendly products and services to promote green development in society.

Carbon Pass will continue to promote the importance of sustainability in their daily operations and strive to set an example for others to follow.

“ClimeCo’s professional capabilities and high-quality carbon offset projects have gained recognition from many consumers in the market,” said Carbon Pass CEO Peter Fan. “Consumers realize that ClimeCo’s carbon offset projects not only help mitigate global climate change but also meets their expectations for environmental protection and sustainable development.”

“Our impression of the ClimeCo organization is that it is a trustworthy institution dedicated to promoting the development of environmental protection,” Fan said. “If you are passionate about environmental protection and want to contribute to sustainable development, choosing ClimeCo will be the best choice for you. Let us join hands and contribute our efforts to create a healthier and more sustainable Earth!”