City Durham
State NC
Country USA

We are the leading Candle Making Supplies distributor in the US. We support DIYer’s, crafters, and entrepreneurs with industry-leading products and resources that allow our customers to make amazing candles, soaps, and bath products. We work hard to develop natural and safe products that push the boundaries of candle and soap making. Our success is a result of our focus on web development, product development, and operations.

On a large scale, we make sure that we do not partner with manufacturers that do not share our commitment to conservation, energy efficiency, and climate change. We have stopped selling products containing palm oils and stopped selling popular candle waxes from Cargill due to their harmful business practices.

We are strictly an eCommerce company, which means we ship all of our products to our customers. As a result, the impact that this has on climate change is at the top of our minds, which is why we wanted to partner with an company like the Carbonfund to help neutralize that footprint.

“Shipping and transportation are significant contributors to carbon emissions around the world. We feel immense responsibility for the impact we and the growing eCommerce industry has on our planet. As we continue to grow, that responsibility to support our vision and values is even greater.  We became the first supplier in our industry to offer carbon-neutral shipping for all UPS ground shipping. Now, through our partnership with Carbonfund, we are going one step further by making all outbound orders, from 2019 on, carbon neutral.

The transparency, third-party verification, and choice of projects offered by the Carbonfund was what appealed to us the most when looking for a partner to help with this initiative.

We believe that we can run a successful business while maximizing our social impact. If we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a better, healthier place for everyone.” – Sean Salemme, Marketing Manager, CandleScience