Born Custom Guitars, LLC

City Longmont
State CO
Country US

Born Guitars builds custom high-end electric guitars and accessories using the highest standards in the industry when it comes to quality and sustainability.  Our sustainability efforts are an ongoing process, which we ingrain in every aspect of our business from manufacturing efficiencies to waste management and energy use.

Born Guitar’s Environmental Commitment:

  • Carbon Free
  • Plants a tree for every guitar sold
  • Wind and Solar powered
  • HAPs free and Low VOC water-based finishes
  • Support Indigenous communities and the protection of their lands through consumer education and donations
  • Use of recycled packaging to ship all products
  • Monitor use of consumables such as water and paper
  • Sustainably sourced woods for our products (Salvaged, Reclaimed, FSC Certified, Knowing our suppliers, many of which are small businesses.)

We work with Carbonfund because it is critically important to us, our customers, and our community to lead by example and show that sustainability is a win-win for everyone.  We have an obligation to protect our planet, which provides us with clean air, water and food every day.  Not only do future generations deserve a healthy place to live, but so do you! – Jonathan Miller, Owner/Founder/Luthier