7group, LLC

City Kutztown
State PA
Country United States

7group is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of leading professionals dedicated to developing sustainable and regenerative solutions for the built environment. The partners of 7group own individual companies that complement and integrate with each other, thereby synergizing their breadth of expertise to advocate the design, construction and operation of buildings and communities in a way that contributes to the health of place.

Founded in 1999, the firm believes that integrative expertise in several core areas – integrative design, LEED®, energy & daylighting, commissioning, regenerative design, materials & LCA, education and collaborative communications – drives sustainable solutions and practical implementation of design objectives within every client’s project.

7group leads and works with project teams in the green and integrative design of both new and renovated office buildings, schools, hospitals, healthcare, housing, hospitality, retail, industrial and multi-use projects for public and private sector, federal, state, corporate, and numerous international projects.

The 7group partners have worked together for almost two decades to create some of the most successful green projects in the world and have helped define internationally, the financial and environmental benefits of green buildings, integrative design, and regeneration.

For more information, please visit us at http://www.sevengroup.com/.

Environmental Commitment

7group collaborates with project teams every day to reduce the impacts of our built environment, and continuously works to reduce the footprint left behind from our own daily operations.

We start by minimizing our consumption of energy and goods; recycling and composting non-avoidable goods; purchasing recycled, plant and/or mineral-based, compostable or biodegradable products; and reusing or donating reusable materials to nonprofit organizations. We eliminate any remaining emissions that cannot be avoided by purchasing high-quality, third-party verified offsets.

“We strive to develop buildings that inspire, nurture, restore and revitalize the places they populate and the people they serve as part of our commitment to advocating health of place. Reducing the environmental impacts from our daily operations is a natural step in our advocacy efforts and, by partnering with Carbonfund, we are able to neutralize the carbon emissions resulting from our work and further contribute to our whole Earth’s health of place.” – Marcus Sheffer, Partner