3×5 Partners, LLC

City Portland
State OR
Country USA

3×5 Partners is a growth-oriented venture capital firm that collaborates with passionate entrepreneurs developing solutions to our global health and climate crises. Established in Portland, Oregon in 2011 and with over $400M in capital invested, 3×5 has delivered both top returns to investors and meaningful impact to the world.

“3×5 Partners’ mission is to ‘invest in what the world needs.’ Our goal is to invest in early stage companies developing solutions that significantly improve the lives of people and help humanity be better stewards of the planet. Our dual investment strategy is guided by our foundational beliefs that the people’s and planet’s health are intertwined, and represent areas where innovation is most needed. As part of our mission, we aim to lead by example, and have implemented rigorous sustainability and climate-related monitoring and assessment programs both internally and within our portfolio companies. We are proud to partner with Carbonfund.org and support a 100% Carbonfree® future through verified carbon offset projects worldwide in order to fulfill our commitment to protecting the environment, human health, and minimizing global climate change.” – Alita Carbone, Investor