J. Crawford Fine Desserts Becomes Carbonfree Small Business Partner

May 17, 2021

J. Crawford Fine Desserts, a gluten and dairy free baking company based in Burlington, ON, Canada, has joined Carbonfund’s Carbonfree Small Business Partnership program, supporting forest conservation and reforestation projects around the world.

 “J. Crawford Fine Desserts is wholly committed to environmental stewardship at every level of our operations. We chose to partner with Carbonfund because they offered to meet us where we are right now as a small business,” explains Rhys Poirier, President.  “With Carbonfund, it was easy to do our part to reduce our emissions, offset what was left, and contribute to global climate change initiatives.”

In order to help combat climate change, the baking company selects the most energy-efficient equipment on the market for daily operations, uses fuel-efficient vehicles and recyclable packaging for its supply chain, and now annually offsets its carbon footprint. 

J. Crawford Fine Desserts provides allergy accessible treats with sensational quality that the whole family can enjoy.