How to Calculate Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

March 25, 2021
Calculate Your Business' Carbon Footprint

A company’s carbon footprint is the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions that were produced as a result of its operations. Carbon dioxide is the most common GHG emitted by human activities but other harmful gasses, such as methane, should also be taken into account. Carbon footprints are usually measured annually considering the impact of all the company’s key activities over the course of a calendar year.


1. How To Calculate Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

Carbonfund makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to not only calculate their carbon footprint but to also offset their emissions. Carbonfund’s Business Calculator takes several factors into account including your office electricity usage and heating method, business travel method and mileage, product shipping information, and special events/conferences. Calculating your business’ carbon footprint allows you to identify your most emission causing areas to either make reductions or purchase carbon offsets to cover your footprint.

2. Why Calculating Your Carbon Footprint Is Important

Carbonfund can show you how to calculate your business’ carbon footprint is a necessary step to understanding your company’s contribution to global warming. Customers are also becoming increasingly interested in making sure they are making wise purchasing decisions and the companies they are using are environmentally responsible. After identifying the sources of your carbon emissions it is important that you take action to offset the impact your company has on global warming.

3. What You Can Do To Help

Carbonfund offers options for small businesses to become partners and help differentiate themselves in the minds of eco-conscious customers. Large businesses are also invited to reduce their carbon impact to help fight climate change. Product shipments from your suppliers and to your customers may comprise a significant portion of your business carbon footprint. offers a Carbonfree Shipping program that makes it easy and affordable for you to distinguish your shipping services, reduce your climate impact, and communicate your environmental commitment to customers. You may also want to join the Carbonfree Events Program in order to mitigate any greenhouse gas emissions caused by attending conferences and other business events.

4. How To Join A Carbonfree Program

Carbonfund offers many great benefits to its Carbonfree partners including custom logos, individual certificates, partner webpages with blogs & social media outreach, and being included in a monthly newsletter. You can also join Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program through the Carbonfree Product Certification program. This is a great way to provide carbon neutral products to your customers and show that you are an environmentally responsible company.

5. Investing In Carbon Offsetting Projects

There are already more than 2,000 corporate partners who have chosen to offset their carbon footprint through the programs that Carbonfund provides. Offsetting means investing in projects to an extent that enables them to capture the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions that your business is responsible for emitting.

6. Learn More

Carbonfund is ready to help you identify your company’s carbon footprint and help meet your environmental goals, while increasing sales, distinguishing your brand or business and satisfying your customers. Please visit Carbonfund for more information on how to calculate your business’ carbon footprint, the offsetting options and the Carbonfree programs available.