Gentleman Farmer expands commitment to sustainability by joining Carbonfree Small Business Partnership

December 13, 2021

Gentleman Farmer is a woman-owned, values-driven men’s grooming and accessories brand, dedicated to crafting high-quality, sustainable products. They strive to be a force for good in their community and for our planet and are committed to only offering high-integrity products.

As a small family-run company, Gentleman Farmer cannot change the world. But they can affect change in their corner of it. As part of their commitment to the environment and sustainability, they strive to only make products that are healthy for people without harming the planet.

Gentleman’s Farmers commitment to sustainable practices led to them join the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership to neutralize their annual operating emissions. Through this partnership, Gentleman Farmer has offset a total of metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by supporting Carbonfund’s third party validated and verified carbon offsets around the world.

“At Gentleman Farmer, we consider the planet with every decision we make, and working with Carbonfund was one of the easiest! They make offsetting carbon so simple, and as a small business owner, it is so appreciated,” said Maude Burns, CEO of Gentleman Farmer.

Gentleman Farmer’s environmental extends beyond offsetting the operating emissions. Whenever possible, they:

  • avoid plastic
  • work with vendors who share our values and commitment to sustainable production
  • use consciously sourced raw materials
  • produce domestically

On a personal note, the CEO’s home is solar-powered.