ZenMatcha Tea Ensures Environmentally Responsible Operations with Carbonfund

May 28, 2021

Idaho-based ZenMatcha Tea has a company mandate to offer the best quality Matcha tea at the most affordable prices anywhere, so that everyone is able to experience the wonderful taste and powerful health-promoting properties of Matcha.  

ZenMatcha is truly committed to helping heal the planet, one sip at a time!

As a small business, ZenMatcha Tea also has a focus on operational sustainability and is offsetting all shipping and traveling expenses through carbon offsetting with Carbonfund, and also is using only recycled or recyclable and compostable packaging for shipping, and planting one tree for every item purchased.

“Even though ZenMatcha is a small business, we are committed to making sure that the environment is one of our core values. As the retail industry tends towards more online ordering and individual shipping, we want to make sure that our carbon footprint is as small as humanly possible while also being able to deliver our high quality Matcha to anyone who wishes to enjoy its benefits. We want to make sure sustainability is a strong foundation of our company that we can continue to grow and build upon.” explains Alexandria Kuntz, Owner of ZenMatcha Tea.

About why she chose the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program, Alexandria says, “I wanted to find a company that supported carbon offsets to make my business as carbon neutral as possible that was still financially feasible for my small growing business. I believe that taking care of the earth is one of the biggest priorities we are facing right now, and I want to make sure that my carbon footprint is as small as possible from here on out.”