YESasia Educating Youth About Responsible Volunteering and Global Sustainability

February 15, 2017

YESasia is an educational travel operator dedicated to providing authentic cultural journeys in northeast Thailand for young people from around the world. The organization’s mission is to help empower people in northeast Thailand with equal opportunities for education and understanding of Thailand as part of today’s modern world, while preserving national heritage and culture traditional to the region.

YESasia facilitates integration between international youth and local communities in northeast Thailand through sustainable projects that mutually educate through cross-cultural understanding and support the promotion of better education in the region. The programs are not package holidays; they are educational journeys for youth committed to the idea of experiencing different life, culture and beliefs. The local people and communities welcoming these students are proud of Thai heritage and the local customs that they live by. They are happy to share insight into what life is like with others but expect mutual respect in return for doing so.

In support of their goal for engaging international youth in global issues and understanding, YESasia pledged to align programs with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and to encourage all young people participating on their programs to be aware of global sustainability and how it relates to responsible travel.

With the launch of a new High School Volunteers Thailand Program, students will be encouraged to reflect on their volunteering intervention from a holistic point of view and consider the negative impacts travelling to Thailand has on climate change. Students on the program are required to calculate their round-trip flight emissions via the online calculator, complete a school project to raise funds to offset the carbon footprint of their flights to and from Thailand, then to make the corresponding donation to to neutralize the carbon emissions from their flights.

“We’re committed to educating students about responsible volunteering and how their Thailand experience impacts global sustainability,” explains Shonnee Rimthong, Director of YESasia.  “Partnering with has allowed us to ensure students can really showcase their efforts by contributing to real world projects that tackle climate change.”