Xavier Creative House Becomes Carbonfree® Business Partner

September 15, 2020

Xavier Creative House (XCH), an award-winning healthcare creative agency specializing in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and health systems, has joined the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program as a way to increase the firm’s sustainability initiatives and reduce the environmental impact of its operations, by supporting high-quality renewable energy and reforestation projects around the world.

“At Xavier, we believe the value of our values is in our actions,” explains Sunny White, CEO.  “We want to partner with a reputable organization that would provide tools and opportunities for Xavier Creative to offset our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable world.”

As a virtual creative agency, the team at XCH has mitigated the impact of commuting to an office, and the team is committed to living a minimum to paperless work lifestyle by leveraging the technology and software solutions that are available today. XCH team members are eliminating single-use plastic, using less packaging, bulk shipping, composting, using 100% renewable energy, driving hybrids, and now purchasing carbon offsets through the partnership program to neutralize any remaining operational emissions.

Founded in 2013, Xavier Creative House is comprised of a global team of brand builders and healthcare marketers, tech-savvy go-getters, and innovative dream-vetters are passionate about the big idea that changes behavior in the healthcare marketplace. They believe life is about connections and that healthcare is about life. That is why XCH delivers bold and evocative creative solutions, amplified by meaningful technology, to energize brands and authentically connect with patients and HCPs.  Adding the annual carbon emissions offset program furthers the firm’s leadership in ensuring environmentally-responsible operations to its clients and employees.