WVO Creates Green Jobs and Community Support through Recycling Vegetable Oil

January 23, 2012

In the Spring of 2007, WVO Management was established as Houston’s first green waste vegetable oil recycler, providing safe, clean and timely removal of waste vegetable oil and creating new local green-collar jobs. Their mission is to contribute 100% of the usable oils to local recycling efforts that provide the greatest environmental re-use. WVO purchases waste vegetable oil from Greater Houston and Greater Lufkin restaurants and commercial kitchens/bakeries. Their recycling program meets all local, state and federal laws and guidelines.  Their customers receive carefree and professional waste vegetable oil removal services, and gain the benefit of participating in an environmentally friendly recycling program.

From the start, WVO was built as a company that is conscientious about their impact on the environment. From the recycled paper on which their business cards are printed to the green energy used to power their workshop and offices, WVO is making business choices that make sense for their bottom line and for the future of our planet, by leveraging sustainability for profitability.  Part of WVO’s environmental commitment includes supporting the mission and projects of through their CarbonFree® Partnership.  And the folks at WVO proudly proclaim that yes, they are tree-hugging capitalists.

WVO also encourages their employees to be active participants in the community and affords them the balance between family and work to succeed. And the WVO Management Charitable Endowment Fund hosts three programs designed for Cause Related Marketing Initiatives of WVO Management LLC and their Houston donor businesses.

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